I finished a workout Just finished the "Super Beat" workout from Your Daily Walk! Why not join me from “Your Daily Walk!” Why not join me?

Keep your workout fresh with a new video every day!

Every month, a new workout plan.

An easy and fun way to get fit

Keep your walking workouts fresh with a new plan each month!

Every day of each month is planned for you… some days you’ll take a long walk… some days a mini walk… or even a rest day… just tap the screen and WALK!

Each daily video comes complete with all the features from the DVD, including chapters and bonus features.

What could be easier?

No hassles with discs, DVD players or remote controls

Do you have a smartphone, smart TV, tablet, laptop, or Playstation? Then you can start walking with just a few taps or clicks.

If you have an iOS or Android device, we have a free app that will make it even easier!

Work out with Your Daily Walk anywhere that has WiFi, 4G or LTE–your home, hotel rooms, beach or mountain cabins or on vacation.

Mixing it up makes working out more fun!

Variety is key to maintaining a workout program

Your Daily Walk gives you a fresh new workout every day for three or four days a week, with rest days in between.

Get ready for a brand new you!

Go back or forward in time.

If you want to skip to past workouts, or forward to future workouts, just swipe the screen right or left.

Get started now!

Walk, breathe, get fit, burn calories, improve your health and life and have fun!